Being pregnant and having a baby, at any stage, can bring both joy and challenges.
Young Mums or Dads will experience new responsibilities, some unique advantages and potential obstacles.

To support you, so that you can prepare and care for yourself and your little one, Rachel’s House Trust offers help in the following areas:

  • Communicating with family
  • WINZ processes
  • Choosing health professionals
  • Being alongside when attending appointments and meetings
  • Sourcing baby items
  • Promoting self care
  • Counselling
  • Mentoring
  • Connecting with other young parents
  • Sharing in Playgroup experience
  • Exploring options for education and career
  • Encouragement to be the best parent you can be
  • Promoting useful parenting education
  • Support in finding accommodation
  • Meeting the whole Whanau, Mums, Dads, Children and others
  • Hearing your needs and concerns

Mums & Mini's Space -  This group runs fortnightly, Fridays from 10am-12 at the Rangiora Baptist Youth Hall.  This is open to all young parents and their children.  This offers an opportunity for parents to connect and enjoy the activities provided with their children.  Morning tea is provided.

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